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     God is the creator and owner of all earthly property.  He entrusts some of this property to each of us for our personal care.  It is not important for us to know why God has given more property to one of us than another.  What is important is that we learn to be content with the property God has given us.  Our job is to manage well the gifts entrusted to our care.

God tells us how to use our property:

  • To support ourselves and our families
  • To pay taxes
  • To help the needy
  • To support the preaching of the word

     By becoming poor, Jesus has made us rich.  We have the forgiveness of sins and will someday inherit eternal life.  Christians need no other motivation to serve God with their property.

     We have a great God:  The Father who created us, Jesus Christ who redeemed us with his blood, and the Holy Spirit who brought us to faith in Christ.

    We all are indeed rich.  We each have a body and life.  We are God’s children and heirs of eternal life.  All things are ours and there are many opportunities to serve.

These opportunities to serve surround us… 

  • Support the work of the Church
  • Fellow Christians need our help 
  • Unbelievers face eternal death without our witness
  • The poor and needy look to us for help 

     It is a great time to be alive in the Lord…for our real blessings are yet to come…eternal life with God in Heaven.

     Let us all be good Samaritans and remember the verse from an old hymn:  “All that we have is thine alone…a trust…oh Lord from thee”.

    Let us also remember… “What you have is God’s gift to you.  What you do with what you have is your gift to God.”



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