What is Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church?

Our purpose is to serve all people in God's World, as God enables, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the basis of the Holy Scriptures.  To that end it is our privilege to proclaim the Law and Gospel in order to lead sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for life and salvation.  To strengthen believers in faith and sanctification through the means of Grace.  To equip believers as disciples, stewards, and witnesses for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.


Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church is a fellowship of families and individuals who have found the Lord Jesus Christ to be the only safe and reliable answer to all of life's problems and critical questions.  We are members of the WELS or the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.


"Wisconsin" merely indicates the geographical beginnings of a group of Christians who believe, teach and confess that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. Who are united to proclaim Christ crucified and risen for the forgiveness of sins.  Evangelical declares that we believe and proclaim the great principles of the Bible that sinners are saved by GRACE ALONE, on the basis of FAITH ALONE, in CHRIST JESUS ALONE, on the basis of SCRIPTURE ALONE to others. SYNOD states that we, a gathering of congregations throughout the United States and 33 other nations around the world, who "walk together" for the purpose of serving and sharing the one gracious Lord. 


If you have no church home of your own, and are looking for religious truth and certainty to undergird your life and to insure your future blessedness, we invite you to consider joining our fellowship.  For further information, feel free to call or email Pastor Steven Hein (see Contact Information above).


Remember...we WELCOME all...always!

Christ Lutheran Church

3300 N. Navajo Drive

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314



Pastor Stephen Hein

Phone: 928-848-0549

eMail: heinprescott@gmail.com.


Sunday Services:

Worship: 9am

Bible Classes 10:20am

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